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Many conferences, seminars and exhibitions have been held to fulfill the aims an objectives of the IRI. These events are held to promote interest in and improve the rubber industry through exchange of views on topical subjects. Some of the events held are listed below:

  • International Conference, RUBBERCON 1993, 8-10 February in Delhi, recognised by IRCO; organised by the IRI Delhi Branch
  • International Rubber Conference, IRC 1998, 7-9 December in Chennai, sponsored by IRCO; organised by the IRI Chennai Branch
  • National Rubber Conference, RUBTECH 2000, 18-19 February in Delhi, organised jointly by Delhi and Rajasthan branches
  • International Rubber Conference and Expo, ASIA RUBTECH 2002, 28-30 November in Delhi organised jointly by Delhi and Rajasthan branches
  • National Conference and Expo, INDIA RUBTECH EXPO 2004, 13-14 February in Mysore organised by Karnataka and Rajasthan branches
  • ASIA RUBTECH EXPO 2006, 23-24 November in Kochi, organised by Kerala and Mumbai branches
  • India International Rubber Conference and Expo, IIRC 2007, 1-3 November in Udaipur, organised by Rajasthan Branch, Mohanlal Sukhadia University and HASETRI
  • International Conference, IRC 2010, 17-19 November, organised under IRCO in Mumbai
  • Rubbercon 15 was inaugurated on 1st March, 2016 by Governor of Tamil Nadu, Dr. K Rosaiah. It was continued on 2nd and 3rd March and concluded on 3rd March. Click here to view list of Felicitation
Rubbercon '93, 8-10 Feb 1993 at Delhi
Rubtech 2000, 18-19 Feb 2000 at Delhi
Asia RubTech 2002, 28-30 Nov'02 at Delhi
India Rubtech 2004, 13-14 Feb'04 at Mysore
rubcon5Inaugural function of Asia Rubtech 2006,
23 – 25 Nov.2006 Kochi
rubcon6India International Rubber Conference (IIRC-
07), 1-3 Nov ’07 at Udaipur
rubcon7Inaugural function of IRC-2010 Mumbai
during 17-19 Nov 2010
rubcon8Souvenir Release of IRC-2010 Mumbai
during 17-19 Nov 2010
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