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PRI, U.K. conducted the DPRI Examination till 1990.

Every year IRI conducted  Licentiateship Examination  (LIRI- Part A and Part B) till 1991 and Diploma Examinations (DIRI) till 2005, with the Rubber Technology Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, acting as the Controller of Examinations, and following the syllabi approved by the Governing Council.

Since 2006, Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Rubber Technology (PGDIRI) is being conducted. Considering the requirement of the members, the Governing Council has approved to conduct simultaneously a diploma course (DIRI), effective from the session 2008-2009.

A person, intending to participate in  the courses conducted by IRI, must become an Ordinary Member of the Institute, by applying in the prescribed  form for membership (to be collected from branches).

The IRI has established a faculty for conducting the courses at all the branches comprising experienced and qualified scientists and technologists associated with the rubber industry, as also from educational institutions like Indian Institute of Technologies, Universities, other professional and research institutions as well as from the rubber and allied industries, who have the overall responsibility of monitoring the courses in accordance with the approved syllabi.

Educational Requirement 12th Science (Phy.,Che & Math)/LME/LEE/LCHE/B.Sc with Chemistry B.Sc (Phy., Che & Math)/B.Sc (Phy., Che.,Biology/Botany)/B.Tech/BE/M.Sc(Che)
Experience Requirement NIL One year for B Sc
Paper I – Polymer Science Yes Yes
Paper II- Rubber Processing
& Engineering
Yes Yes
Paper III-Rubber Materials Yes Yes
Paper IV-Rubber Product
Manufacturing & their Evaluation
Yes Yes
Diploma To be  Awarded DIRI PG DIRI


DIRI and PGDIRI Examinations are conducted by the Rubber Technology Centre, IIT, Kharagpur, and they act as the Controller of Examinations.

The depth and width of knowledge to be acquired by students through this course has been attempted to be covered through two aspects viz. understanding part and familiarization part in each paper.

Pass marks for any paper is 50 MIN individually.

The syllabus of the Course has been approved by the Automobile Tyre Manufacturer’s Association (ATMA) and All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA).

Classes start from AUGUST and continue till APRIL/MAY.

Candidates must clear all the papers at a time.

A candidate not successful in any one paper may clear up the back paper in subsequent appearance/s.

The Rules of examination are provided to the registered students

Both the examination is conducted every year during end of June by Rubber Technology Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur at different Centres at Branches. There is continuous assessment of the candidate’s progress in theory and practical by the Branch Faculty and they have to approve the candidate’s suitability for appearing at Examinations through Screening test.

The IRI Course is intended to develop the participants to an acceptable level of technical competence. The course content is designed such that in addition to the development of the technical knowledge and skills required for enhanced job performance, it ensures that the wider context of the company / organization is appreciated and that preparations are laid for taking up appropriate managerial responsibilities at a subsequent stage in career.

The Institute’s course / upgradation programme seeks to develop participant with a broad range of skills and the breadth imparted by the course will enable the participant to develop along a number of career paths. The Institute believes that this flexibility will become increasingly valuable for employers as well.

During the course the participants will need to learn new skills and extend their knowledge and understanding of appropriate topics in materials science and technology. While some of these can be achieved by learning on the job, it is anticipated that attendance at courses, as well as seminars, workshops and conferences organised by IRI will help to achieve an appropriate breadth and depth of understanding. Active participation in a variety of learning opportunities during this early period of career development will develop the habit of continuous learning required for the continuing updating of professional skills in working life.



Institute Membership Fee : Rs. 6000.00

Admission Fee : Rs. 500.00

Course Registration Fee : Rs. 500.00 

Course Fee: Varies from branch to branch

Plus GST @ 18%(on Gross total) and it will also vary time to time by Finance Department of India

Examination Fees will be notified on the time of examination- plus GST which is applicable on the time.

Whom to contact for admission to Courses
One should contact the Hony. Secretary of respective branches for getting admission in to DIRI / PGD-IRI Courses