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Establishment of testing and training centres

The IRI through its branches also plays a role in helping Small Scale Rubber Manufacturing units in both R&D as well as testing of products with the help and cooperation from AIRIA, the Rubber Board and IRMRA. Their support and involvement
will indeed help the proper growth of Small Scale Rubber Industries throughout the country.

The IRI continually seeks support from the Rubber Board, IRMRA, AIRIA and Central and State Governments for setting up Training Centres as well as R&D Centres. Such centres will have the required facilities for testing products.

All these planned activities are aimed to promote and assist the development of Small Scale Rubber Industries throughout the country. The IRI, being a national institute, and having served the rubber industry for over 76 years, firmly believes that its efforts will be generously supported by various organisations to enable it to achieve its goals and objectives.

These cooperative endeavours will be of mutual benefit to both the rubber industry and the IRI. It is sincerely hoped that the linkages will grow to be stronger in the years to come. The cooperative efforts among IRI, academic institutions, the central and state governments and the industry will certainly strengthen the various sectors of the Indian rubber industry and facilitate the IRI to realise its objectives.

The Governing Council has taken the decision to set up Training and Testing Centres at all the IRI Branches. To begin with the Council has decided to set up such a Centre in the memory of late Dr. D. Banerjee.