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Growth and Strength

During the 1970’s, the Institution of Rubber Industry, U.K. and the Plastics Institute, U.K. merged and a new institute was formed and renamed as the Plastics & Rubber Institute (PRI), U.K. Membership to this institute were from the plastic industry and the rubber industry in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Zambia and few other countries.

At this juncture, the Indian Section of Institution of Rubber Industry, U.K. changed to become PRI Indian Section (Rubber) and continued its activities under the aegis of PRI, U.K. in all its branches. These growing activities and the development of the rubber industry attracted increased membership to the Indian Section of PRI. Through various examinations as well as through upgrading of membership, more than 2000 Chartered Rubber Technologists have been created by the institute.
They are designated as:

  • Fellows (FPRI)
  • Members (MPRI)
  • Associates (APRI)
  • Associate Members (AMPRI)
  • Graduates (GRADPRI)
  • Licentiate (LPRI) and
  • Diploma (DPRI)