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Membership Benefits

IRI is a Technical Forum for the Engineers, Technician, Supervisors and Managers to share and upgrade their knowledge in this forum.

  1. PGD IRI regular classes : any members can attend and upgrade their knowledge

  2. IRI E-journal-RUB TECH TRAK: receipt of the journal free of cost in personal e mail i.d. technical article/notes/question answers/industry news update / problem solving/ answer from the expert) is available in the journal. One can publish his technical article/notes in his name. This journal is widely circulated in India and abroad.

  3. Technical lectures: lecture from experts in the industry and academia can be attended by the members and interaction with the expert is possible through IRI

  4. Technical tour and Plant visit:  for IRI members.

  5. National/International Seminars: can be attended by the members

  6. Affiliation: IRI is now recognized and affiliated with Rubber Division, American Chemical Society (ACS), USA..

  7. Membership up gradation:
    Members can be entrepreneur by associating himself with IRI